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      Heritage Collection

      The Heritage Collection dates back two decades and contains many customer favorites. This collection consists of 4 series and each series contains 1-2 models.  Each knife includes a hand-sewn sheath; Bovine leather is the standard sheath; Mammoth molar knives come with an upgraded Ostrich leg leather sheath.

      GIANTS (OAL  9" to 9.875") - Models: Elephant and Rhino.

      These designs represent the size and toughness of the largest of our South African animals.  Large in handle and blade dimensions there is plenty to hold onto and lots of knife to work through the field dressing of any animal that walks the earth.  Big jobs require great gear and any model from the Giant series will be up to the task at hand.  From breaking down big carcasses to skinning large animals the Giant series have you covered..

      PREDATORS (OAL  8.125" to 8.875") - Models: Sailfish and Great White.

      South Africa is known for its wide range of Predator animals, both on the land and in the ocean.  Each design in this series represents a knife that will function for multiple tasks in various situations.  Different belly shapes and tip angles make each of the designs suitable for various tasks on animals or fish.  Choose a model and become the ultimate predator yourself.

      GRAZERS (OAL  7.5" to 8.125") - Models: Kudu and Zebra.

      With grasslands across all regions in Southern Africa this habitat is perfectly suited to the many different grazing animals.  The knives in this series are suitably matched to the butchering of medium sized game animals often found across all corners of the globe.  Versatility and performance is where the Grazer shines whether you are a deer hunter in America, a forest manager in Europe or a pig hunter in Australia

      SCAVENGERS (OAL  6.625" to 7.375") - Model: Jackal.

      Africa is well known for its scavengers who need to be wise and vigilant in order to locate and feed off the kills from larger carnivores and any carcasses they locate.  The knives in this series work efficiently on tasks that require minimal effort.  General field work and basic camp chores are all well within the scavengers capabilities and there will surely be a knife here that suits any person who heads into the outdoors, no matter what their passion is.