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      Marquis Collection

      The marquis consists of 3 models. Each model includes a locking sheath design with a lanyard and bead. These models utilize a Bohler N690 Steel blade and come with a Bovine Leather Sheath.


      BADGER - For those who prefer a bit more of a clip point design, the Badger is a great design for processing small game, fowl, and even deer-sized animals.

      BATELEUR - Our bird and trout knife that can be used for meticulous caping jobs; and with its new lanyard and bead and locking sheath design it is also an excellent EDC knife.

      MARMOSET - Great for use on fowl but with a bit more belly than the Bateleur, we like to think of the Marmoset as a trout and deer design. Perfect for processing small game and fowl, it also excels as a beautiful EDC.

      When ordering, you will receive the ACTUAL knife pictured.